Air Bandits
European Team

2007 was the fist year for our team and after more than 20 displays in 2007, performed in Europe, the 2008 air show agenda has started for AEROBATIC YAKKERS since December 2007, when the planes were disassembled and send to Middle East at AL AIN - UAE. In 2008 we have been flying at more than 30 displays in Romania and Europe.

The thousands of hours of flight experience of the two display pilots IOAN POSTOLACHE – Formation Leader – and DAN STEFANESCU – Right Wing will be concentrated in the few minutes spectacular aerobatic formation program. The two pilots are flying together for more than 10 years, when they were team mates at the National Aerobatic Team.

The YAK 52TW airplanes we are flying are a modernized version of the legendary YAK 52, manufactured in Romania.

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